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Who Should the Brand Represent?

At first glance, this question appears redundant. After all, the brand should represent the company, right? Well, not always. Some companies open new or expanded income streams by licensing or private labeling brands. So, while a brand representing the manufacturer may be common, there’s plenty of money to be made and market share to be had in the private label or licensed brand market.

This process can work the other way as well. Marketers may wish to enter a space, but they don’t have the resources or infrastructure to manufacture or distribute on their own. So, they can reach out to the manufacturer and license a product to brand as their own.

How Will the Brand Be Developed?

Brands are almost never relegated to a single product or even a single product line. There will be expansion, but what will that expansion look like? Smart brand managers and marketers understand that it’s never too early to begin thinking about a strategy for brand development.

Ideally, this strategy will include some or all of the following four components: New products, multi-brands, line extension, and brand extension.

New products are exactly that, entirely new saleable goods or services that are marketed under the same brand as the original product line. A chip company might make dip or salsa. A sports apparel line might get into equipment or exercise programs. Multi-branding is when a company produces and/or markets many different products in the same product category, such as, for example, a company distributing different styles or kinds of soap, paper towels, or soft drinks under different brand names.

Line extension is all about feature additions within an established brand: new sizes, colors, flavors, or varieties, such as “snack size” candy bars or bags of chips; while a brand extension describes when an established brand “extends” into a new product category. Planters, for example, while known for nuts, also has a successful line of puffed cheese and other salty snacks.

Answering each of these four questions will explore vital steps in developing an effective brand strategy.

Branding and Public Relations

Another aspect of branding and PR is linked to develop a customer’s interest in product advertising. This goal drives both the act of promoting a “brand” with such things as a public relations “press release.” The art of both of these methods is linked to the overall business view of doing everything possible to sell something.

At the same time, the professionals engaged in both PR and branding use various methods to also attract media interest in a product or service so as to develop positive expectations in the mind of the public. In turn, this method and skill of creating and maintaining brand loyalty with PR methods is “a perfect marketing storm,” states a longtime public relations expert commenting online. The expert went on to explain how careful PR management seeks to support a brands identity in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Because brand awareness is all about a consumer’s interest in recognizing a product thanks to good PR, there are many companies that have a staff composed of both public relations and branding professionals who work in concert to promote a client’s business or other offering. In turn, a good product PR campaign is all about top-of-mind awareness, or brand awareness, say experts. For instance, when a customer’s are asked to identify a product, the success of a good PR campaign is largely judged on a brand’s familiarity.

Top PR Campaigns of 2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a whirlwind year, and it’s only halfway through. With threats and chaos on everyone’s doorstep, companies had to get very creative with their PR campaigns in the past few months. While most people were stuck at home, brands and corporations couldn’t rely on billboards and posters to promote themselves, so they had to take a different direction.


In an attempt to keep people safe in their homes, Netflix decided not to forgo billboards, and instead, embrace the emptiness of the streets in a very creative way. Copywriter Matithorn Prachuabmoh Chaimoungkalo (also known as Brave) and art director Seine Kongruangkit developed a PR campaign concept that would encourage everyone to stay at home.

Instead of promoting its brand new shows and movies that people could stream, they decided to show what was happening in those shows by giving away the most interesting points on billboards and posters. This way, should anyone come across one of them, it meant that they were outside, and they would see a spoiler for that show.

Getty Museum

Museums had to stay closed and couldn’t take any visitors due to the pandemic, but this was not a problem for the Getty Museum. They decided to challenge their followers on social media platforms to recreate their favorite artworks from the comfort of their own homes and share a picture of their recreation.

This resulted in a very engaging PR campaign – both for those who chose to participate and for those that were entertained by observing their attempts at recreating artworks with things they could find inside their homes.


One of the main points that health officials kept repeating at the beginning of the crisis was that everyone should be washing their hands for at least 20 seconds. The Irish brand agency Verve decided to take this message and run with it, by creating a bar of soap that lasts precisely 20 seconds, as per recommendations.

This way, not only could people really learn that proper hygiene is important – all the time, not just because of the pandemic – but they could also have some fun with it.


The brand that everyone knows for having seemingly complicated instructions when it comes to putting furniture together, decided to release the recipe for the iconic Swedish meatballs. However, they did this in style, by publishing the recipe in the iconic Ikea-style diagrams that the rest of their instructions are famous for.

The Wild Detectives

Many businesses that only functioned in their brick-and-mortar locations had to get especially creative with their PR campaigns. One of the best examples of a brand new PR campaign for this was done by The Wild Detectives – a book shop from Dallas that found a fascinating way to sell their books online.

The business created a website that offered its customers a trip to various destinations around the world, while in reality, they were selling books that had stories involving those same destinations that were being advertised.

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